profile44 Elm Street, Morristown, N.J.  07960    (973) 984-6343

My goal is to help you live a happier, more peaceful life.


In my practice I use mindfulness-based psychotherapy as well as cognitive/behavioral methods.  I can assist you in recognizing your own strengths in a supportive environment, thereby helping you use these strengths to find more successful ways of dealing with the changes and stresses you may be facing.


Relationship conflicts, separation and divorce issues are among the challenges that I help my clients address.  I also treat depression, anxietysubstance abuse issues, and stress-related problems using a positive solution-based approach.


I specialize in taking an experiential, mind/body approach.  Through my training, I have developed the belief that each of us already has the skills to make the changes we need to in order to find the answers to our problems.  My role is to help you discover these skills so that the process towards a more peace can occur.

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